About PickPics

PickPics is basicaly image management system with integrated application discovering new ways of interacting with and presenting pictures. There are two connected modules - Image Gallery (implemented in Python for series 60) and Memory Game (implemented in Symbian C++), which are designed to cooparate with each other. However each of them can be run separately.

Image Gallery
provides convinient ways for browsing, searching, tagging, rating and editing pictures. Moreover it supports sharing pictures features and enables to exchange photos between friends.

Target platform for our application are Nokia 2nd edition devices. Note that program was tested only on Nokia 6630 and only with these devices application is expected to work properly.

Main features:

Image Gallery

Memory Game


PickPics files:

Quick installation guide:

  • Image gallery:
    To install Image Gallery You need only application SIS file: Image Gallery.SIS
    If you want you can download source code files:
    • memoGallery.py
    • memoDatabaseManager.py
    • memoImagesBrowser.py
    • memoImageEffector.py
    • memoBT.py
    • memoFIleBrowser.py
    It is prefarable that You install Image Gallery on Your device memory drive (C: drive). After installation You can simpy run Image Gallery from Your's device menu.
  • Memory Game:

    To run Memory Game on Nokia 6630 device You need only MemoryGame.SIS file and installation could be done using i.e. Nokia Suite software

News: File sharing implementation.
The most recent version of Pickpics enables to share pictures and rate via Bluetooth. There are still small bugs and some improvments should be implemented, but main functionality works :).